Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beds Full, Area Cleared, Breathtaking Stupidity, and No Plan.

The wife and I got the beds filled yesterday, got the strawberries beds finished, filled and planted, cleared the area in the back, repaired the underground cable I cut (did you ever take your own breath away with your own stupidity? well, I am still having trouble breathing), and realized its time to plant and I have no planting plan.

I am a consumate planner. What we are going to plant. Check. Design and execute new garden. Check. Orders in. Check. Orders back. Check. Seedlings in and hardened. Check. What gets planted where. Uhhhhh.....


  1. It sounds wonderful. I'm glad you took the day off. Which cable did you cut? I'm not saying that particular variety of stupidity is genetic..but.. we did lose our phone for a couple of days once.

  2. Cut the Cable TV line.

    I should be GoofusMike. :)

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself. I always come up with elaborate succession planting plans on my computer (completely color coded and everything) and then I never print them out and I just plant things where I have space and the plants don't care. I would suggest reading Great Garden Companions, she had great ideas for what to plant together.

    The only thing you really have to worry about it is taking note of what you plant where so you can follow good crop rotation next year.