Monday, July 6, 2009

Tomato Update

Had a lack of bees, and was worried so I did some hand pollination. Then the bees showed up. Was worried about getting tomatoes. Until this weekend when I took some time, had an epic pruning session and discovered Much Tomato Joy.

My friend Suzy may be far ahead of me, but I will catch up with here soon enough. :)

Here are the San Marzanos, in seemingly perfect little six and eight packs of tomatoes.

Here we have the Romas on an improvised stake. Nice clusters of great little tomatoes.

Here we have the Black From Tulas. Already they have a more dark coloration. Anticipation...

These are supposed to be Green Zebras. But they currently look flat and really light in color. I am not convinced I haven't had a seed mix up (or a prank from the wife!).

Here we have what, so far, are the most beautiful tomato I am growing. Costoluto Genovese. They are growing in these surprisingly tight clusters and look just magnificent. ChristyACB says these make great canning tomatoes, but its going to take an unusual act of mental strength to not eat them. :)
Aunt Ruby's German Green. The tomato my wife is most looking forward to. Supposedly they make the absolute best fried green tomatoes. Around here, thats the official start of garden eatting season.
These Cherokee Purple seemingly jumped popped off the vine. Gorgeous.

The cherry tomatoes (Super Sweet 100) went from zero to mouthfuls in just a day or two.

Here we have some Dr Wyches Yellow. I am amazed at how flat the young tomatoes are!

And the cornerstone of my cornerstone, the most prized tomato of my tomatoes, the Brandywine. Not to many of them, but I knew they were not all that prolific. They look great.

So far, no disease, no splits, no pests, good garden hygiene. Keeping those fingers crossed!


  1. That looks like a good tomato crop. I need to get out & prune as well. I think every variety of tomato I'm growing has little fruits on it, so that makes me happy. I'm hoping to be able to do tomato tastings on my blog and figure out which ones I want to grow next year and which ones will get nixed.

    Those San Marzanos look GREAT! That and Cherokee Purple are the two I'm most excited about. (thanks for the seeds BTW).

  2. Hey Suzy,

    I can now say the same. On your suggestion I put some Tumbling Toms in some hanging baskets and today I had some tomatoes show up. That finishes it, all 11 types I planted are bearing.

    I will also put up some pics of the flowers, etc. The Zinnias in particular!