Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkins Uber Alles

Here are the five beds. Unfortunately I don't have this angle during the high point, but you can really see how they filled out. They have been so productive its ridiculous, and so enjoyable!
If you look over there on the left you will see the pumpkins and water melons which I put in that bed with the intent that they would over flow in the yard.

I guess I succeeded! as you can see below the pumpkins just exploded, they are also running into the neighbors yard, and thankfully they don't seem to mind.

There are two large flat pumpkins that have turned orange/red, two large flat ones that are still yellow, and two smaller ones that seem to be taking the rounder (almost egg like) shape. I had to harvest one of those when the vine it was on gave up the ghost.

The water melons over here seem to love hanging out and growing under the pumpkin vines. An interesting and unanticipated occurrence.

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  1. Looks GREAT! Those are some big pumpkin vines. The ones I have growing at my mom's are the same. They're taking over her entire back yard. I think I only have 2 pumpkins, but since they're planted in the corn I might find a few more when I harvest the corn.