Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hmmm....What Do I Want To Do In the Garden In 2011?

Setting here absorbing the Epic Joys of seed catalogs.

The first to arrive is my nostalgic favorite, Burpee. This is a difficult thing. When I was growing up (occasionally) helping my dad in the garden, developing a secret love for the hobby (is it really just a "hobby"?) I remember Burpee seeds. I remember them with a disproportionate clarity. They are not totally dedicated to the same ethos I am steadily becoming part of. No GMO. Heritage. With that said, they do offer organic and heirloom varieties. I am willing to bet that Burpee may have one of the deepest collections of seed anywhere in the private sector. I hope they dig into them and let us at them!

So, naturally, who shows up next?

Baker Creek. Its lovely. Its interesting. Its informative. Its an amazing variety. Its dedicated to No GMO. Its dedicated to Heritage. But... It lacks Zone info or guidance. For a gardener of greater prowess or knowledge this is probably not a problem. For me, its a little intimidating. But the variety, the history, its almost intoxicating. It makes you want to garden NOW.

Then comes my favorite. Seed Savers. I love everything about them. If you haven't heard of them, you need to visit the website. Read about them. Research them. They are the real deal. There has been some controversy regarding their leadership, but I disagree with the (almost singular) naysayers. They deserve our support.

Anyways, as I work through the wishlist I will add posts.

Definitely want some fruit trees this year, and I will have to figure out pots for some of them.