Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rabbits and Wind

Wow. Hard day for the garden. Got home last night just ahead of the storm and found rabbit damage in my raddichio, broccoli, and cabbage.

I haven't put cages on all the tomatoes and the 70 mph winds last night did some damage. Will have to sort it all out and keep my fingers crossed.


  1. I found chipmunks eating our strawberries and beets. Time for war!

  2. Mr. Rabbit, who has always been a polite and reserved fellow who only eats the weeds and never gets into the beds, was apparently a Ms. Rabbit. And now I have one her unruly youngsters who has a perfect sense of timing. Each morning, somehow just before I get out there, he or she nibbles away every single ripe strawberry.

    Then she just watches me from my own front yard as I hop about and curse.

    At least it still eats my weeds.