Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Charantais Melons Surprise Me

Here we have a few of my Charantais melons. I got the seed from seedsavers and they were great. High germination rate, and very successful. What is odd is that I got 18 melons. I still have about ten out there (will have to bring them all in soon) and all but one of them are within an ounce of one pound each. They are between baseball and softball sized. Except one that got to almost three pounds. I have no idea why this one melon got so much bigger while all the others, including ones on the same vine, stayed smaller.

I cannot tell you how amazing the aroma of these melons are. One day I walk into the garden and a strong, heavenly smell just coats the garden. Its the Charantais. The entire garden smells magnificent. When I cut into them, the aroma just floods the room. Amazing.

The taste is identical to a top notch cantaloupe, but that aroma puts them over the top.


  1. They sound fabulous. What is the texture of the meat?

  2. It is a slightly more finely grained than canteloupe, but similar.