Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things I Want In My Garden Again

Started really working through the catalogs lately and know some of the things I want and some of the things I don't.

Things I Want In the Garden Again In 2010

Black from Tula tomatoes (drool drool drool)
Green Zebra tomatoes
Cherokee Purple tomatoes
Brandywine tomatoes
Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes
Baby Bok Choi
fingerling potatoes
turnips (drool drool drool)
Dutch Crookneck Squash
blackberries (drool drool drool)
Charantais melons
Rouge vif de Etempes pumpkins
swiss chard

I wonder whats on my wife's list? Maybe I need to find out. :)


  1. I haven't even thought of this year. I know for sure Ill be growing San Marzano tomatoes - they're fabulous canned. My parents were super generous and cleared a bunch more garden space so I can plant my onions over there - how exciting!!! I'm hoping to have another raised bed or two this year, perhaps I'll have room for some cold-weather greens - MMMM.

  2. Mike,

    I could send you some of these tomatoes...Black Tula, Cherokeep Purple, Brandywine, Green Zebra and fingerling potatoes as true seed. I could even send you some improvements on each of these since I use them in my breeding work. I have been growing Green Zebra for 37 years or so.

    Anyone can reach me at yahoo.com with thoswagner in the prefix.