Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things I Am Not Sure I Want In My Garden Again

There are a number of things I am not sure I want in my garden in 2010. For various reasons they didn't work out well, they didn't seem to give a great return on space investment, they weren't that tasty, they were a nuisance, whatever. I have added brief reasons with these. Note, I do not feel that there is any need to be rational about these, I spend enough time being rational.

A few quick notes -

@ChiotsRun - I love the San Marzano as well and that was an unfortunate omission. One thing that I need to figure out is how to keep blossom end rot away from them.

@tater-mater - I will contact you via your website. Thanks for the offer!

Things I Am Not Sure I Want In My Garden Again

Ground Cherries - They started slow, then exploded. They were tasty, but so prolific I was a little alarmed. I also seem to be the only one in the family who will eat them regularly.

Sugar Baby Watermelons - I only have so much room for vining plants and, although they were super tasty, I enjoyed the pumpkins and Charantais more.

Market Cabbage - A little hard to grow, very maintenance intensive, and relatively low yeild per space. I say maintenance intensive because I wanted them organic so I spent a LOT of time picking at them and clearing cabbage loopers by hand.

Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomatoes - Great flavor, but not too prolific, and (for me) a little hard to judge when they were ready.

Zuchinni - Tasty, prolific, but it seemed a waste in some ways too. I do love the leaves too though, and the variety I have is outstanding. Hmmm....

Acorn Squash - Two years, very few squash.

Lettuce - I am the only one in the house that will eat it. Seems sort of a waste. It is pretty tasty though.

Interesting that the bent seems to be on productivity and who will consume what. Got my Burpee catalog yesterday. And as usual I am torn, there are some tremendously good looking things in there, conversely, so many of them are GM crops.

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