Monday, January 4, 2010

New Things For 2010

So, we are considering a number of new crops, but our big push this year is going to be miniature fruit trees, one item only recently available (at least to my knowledge), as well as new veggies. The veggies will wait until another post. First, the one I have been waiting for:

File:Lonicera coerulea a3.jpg

Haskap. Honeyberry. The edible berry of certain varieties of Honeysuckle. Pioneered by the University of Saskatchewan. Tasty, productive, cold tolerant. and the variety we are looking at gets eight feet high. It took a little convincing for the wife. But when I found a variety that grows 8 feet in height so it could also screen some utility boxes, we had a winner!

We also have three trees to replace:

Bing Cherry - Killed by rabbits ringing it. Evil Rabbits.

Tartarian Cherry - Killed by scale. And rabbits. Evil Rabbits.

Winesap Apple - Killed by rabbits. Evil, Evil Rabbits.

We have three trees we want grow in pots. This is because they are not cold hardy. By our Chicago definitions, they are not even cool hardy. We really want to grow these things.

Meyer Lemons - Sweet. Tasty. Awesome.

Kaffir Lime - Mainstay of Thai cuisine. Tasty!

Dwarf Pomegranate - I can only hope they taste as good as the full size.

This is going to be a GREAT year.


  1. If you want the USask Haskap variety, look for the name Borealis or Tundra. If you don't see either of these names, then it's not USask haskap.

  2. Think ahead about the placement of your haskap in regard to the utility COMPANY. I recall the untimely death of a large amount of raspberry vines. (And it wasn't evil rabbits) I have not heard about them before but they sound most intriguing. What size are the berries?

  3. @ Mike - Thanks! I will have to watch that. If you have a recommendation on which gets taller that would be really helpful. Love the site BTW!

    @ gsthaifood - Good point about the utility. I will have to have the cables marked. The berries appear to be an inch to an inch and half. Mike (comment above) has a great site dedicated to haskap and his garden efforts. Nice site.

  4. oh man! This all looks so great!!

    - Kris