Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I look at so many gardening/urban farming blogs lately, and they seem to be leaning to this sort of false, almost (and in some cases blatantly) commercial, non-offensive feel.  Most are well written, some are well illustrated, but they never seem to deal with the difficult questions lately.

One blog wrote about keeping chickens in a suburban environment.  Cool.  But then the story involves the chickens being attacked by a neighbor's dogs after the dogs dug under the fence.  The writer discusses caring for the chickens afterward, re-establishing the pecking order, etc.  Fine.  But nowhere does he discuss dealing with the neighbors, nowhere does he discuss even talking to them about paying the (exorbitant for chickens) vet bills, plans for controlling future intrusions etc.  So I write a comment asking some of the tough, real world questions.  The comments on that blog are moderated.  My question is not posted or addressed.  More comments have been added since and added, so the comment was read, but evidently you can't get an answer and can only be posted if you post a fawning comment.  It makes me ill.

Of course, there are still some (Hi Phelan!) who are fearless and will address questions.

Not sure if I should post a link.

If you want it I will post it.  Just leave a comment.

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