Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fall Garden Suggestions?

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am without a camera right now and a lot of the stuff I am working on really needs a camera to show.

Working on Fall plantings. I need to improve the soil a little and rotate the crops a little.
Looking at chard, lettuce, potatoes (from my own seed potatoes), bok choi, turnips, carrots, and there are a few things I am hoping come along (like my parsnips).

I would love to hear any more suggestions anyone had on fall plantings, maybe even some flowers.

I am working on a bunch of other things that I hope to tackle over the next few days (man, I need a camera), the list includes:

A compost bin.
Make some bread (first time)
Make some cheese (first time)
Make some pasta sauce (definitely not first time)

So many things, so little time.

Also, planning on seeing Julie and Julia today. I guess its the foody in me that makes me want to see a "chick flick", but this looks too good to pass up.


  1. your list looks great, besides kale that is what i have planted and beets and carrots to be harvested in the spring - making bread is hard work check out this trick -
    the whole site is full of great stuff, cheese is easy but very time consuming - do you have goats milk? peace for all

  2. No goats milk, but I could nick on down to one of the middle eastern markets nearby and see if they have some. Hmmmmmm.......

    And genuine thanks for the link for bread!

  3. what makes you so committed to be self-sustaining? did you get in on my free e-book?

    (wow that's long, i am new at this, lots still to learn)

    peace for all