Sunday, August 2, 2009

Michael Pollan Is Pretty Cool

Just read an article in the NYT by Michael Pollan about food and health and culture.

Well worth the read. Its a great article. I can't recommend it enough.

This blog is mostly about gardening. I garden partly for environmental reasons, for reasons of relaxation, for important points of education for my children, for the challenge of it, for sheer joy.

But, when I am honest about it, the first and most deeply seated reason is that I love good food. Food that tastes like it should. Food that you can't find elsewhere. Food that is prohibitively expensive in its use unless you grow it.

Now I find that my love of good food (good in all manner - taste, health, local, etc) is really good for me and those around me.

I find that my love of cooking is actually an integral part of that. I guess I am one of those rare animals, a man who cooks at home, and cooks a LOT, with joy.

Read that article and enjoy! (FYI - The last section is the one with the punch, but with a lot less punch if you don't read the whole thing).