Monday, August 31, 2009

Lost Days


Sorry its been a while since I posted. Had some dental issues and painkillers and blogging just don't match up to well in my book.

As for the food and garden front, I have really been working the bread and making some recipes from my Jamie Oliver cookbook my daughters got me. That guy really knows how to put a good recipe on paper! The garden keeps producing, but had a rough patch over the last week or so.

A lot of rain combined with really cool temps combined with inattentiveness on my part because of the bad tooth and you get a rough time in the garden. A lot of tomatoes split and some bugs got in, but the melons, pumpkins, squash, and peppers sure seem to love this weather. The beans have given up and the onions are still coming in strong.

The herbs have been the kings of the show lately. I cut the basil and oregano back couple of weeks ago and they bounced back strong. The other herbs are doing well, except the tarragon. It was doing really well for a while when it was hot and dry, but the cool and rain seem to have it down.

I need a good tarragon recipe. Got any favorites?


  1. I too love Jamie Olive stuff, I love his show Jamie at Home.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. We are addicted to Jamie at Home, we have all but two of them on the DVR.

  3. i just made tarragon butter, it is for using in a Bearnaise sauce, but is just as yummy on its own - melt pound of butter over low heat, add 2 cups of tarragon (all estimates of course)- let the flavors infuse over low heat for a half hour - strain into jars and store in fridge - it is awesome on steak and to pan fry vegetables - let me know if you try it - peace