Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rabbits Face (Hopefully) Insurmountable Odds

So, we have a LOT or rabbits in the neighborhood. I mean a LOT. And my garden is the equivalent of the local watering hole. Around early dusk, they cirlce the yard in every direction, waiting for me to go away so they can come in and have a meal.

Recently I noticed that the number was lower than normal. I think the Cuterbra parasites might have gotten some of them, but the number continues to decline. I am only seeing one rabbit in the mornings now. Where have all the bunnies gone?

Does someone nearby have a better garden?

Is the one rabbit running the others off?

Whats going on here? Well, let me tell you.

A couple of nights ago I went out on the deck and saw...

...a big black flash come at me from the neighbors chimney and heard the soft sound of a whoosh over my head as the newest neighborhood pet took one of the rabbits for a ride. He made the rabbit an offer he couldn't refuse.

Mr Owl, you are me hero.

I have been trying to get a picture of him, but I think thats going to be pretty much impossible given my equipment.

Boy, those rabbits have it rough around here. :)

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