Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh JOY!!!!!

So this weekend we had some excitement in the garden. We decided to pull up the smallest potato plant and see if we actually had any potatoes. Here the girls give it the old heave ho and...

And we did indeed have potatoes! Had a couple of pounds, which considering, is a pretty good haul. We roasted them with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and they were magnificent. Seriously.

Not a bad haul. I am not sure we went far enough down to get all the potatoes, but it was so hot and the girls were anxious to get them in the stove, so I should go dig up the rest of the area.

Then, after waiting, and waiting, and waiting we finally got two days of heat and two warmish nights and the tomatoes start rolling in!

We have some Green Zebra, Roma, San Marzano, plenty of Costoluto Genovese (including a green one that I broke off in my frenzy to get the others, some Aunt Ruby's German Green, and the big guy is a Black From Tula. Tried the Green Zebra (tart and tasty), the Roma and San Marzano (tasty but a little mushy), the Costoluto Genovese (Tasty, Tender, softest skin I have ever seen on a tomato) and I ate the Black From Tula. The BFT was one, if not the best, tomatoes I have ever eaten. It literally raised the hair on my neck. It was that good.



  1. What kind of pasta are you making with those? They are gorgeous!

  2. No pasta today. But some Italian bread (from an Italian bakery), lightly toasted, and some bruschetta (with tomatoes, onions, and basil from the garden).


    I may try Jamie Olivers "mothership" tomato recipe tomorrow.

    Wish one of my Dr Wyche's Yellows were ready!

  3. I'm so jealous of your tomatoes- ours are about 4 weeks later than last year, which were 3 weeks later than the year before. Another bad year for hot crops in Detroit.

    I never ate a black tomato I didn't love. If you love them, try Paul Robesons next year. Seeds can be purchased from Tomatofest in CA. It's just a fabulous tomato. It's the black tomato lover's black tomato. You'll just die from happiness.

  4. Those are some great looking tomatoes!!!